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Spring is here, and while the daffodils have come to the party, it seems the weather hasn't! It's no surprise really as spring is notorious for its changeable weather. In saying that we can still be treated with some crackers so be sure to take advantage of these and get some flying in.

The first Exec meeting following the AGM was held in late August. This year we welcome three new members - Tony Lloyd, Jared Remington and Peter MacLeod. It's great to have new people on board who bring with them a range of different skills to add to the already diverse mix. However even if you're not on the committee it doesn't mean you can't contribute. This year we are planning on making better use of sub-committees (more details below) which will involve co-opting any interested non-exec members into these groups. This is your club, so if you're keen to help out and make a difference just let me know.

5 year plan
At the AGM we presented our 5 year plan (2015-2020) and summarised the key areas that we will be focussing on this year as an executive and a club.

These plans are 'living documents' and are reviewed each month at our meetings to ensure we are making progress and to reaffirm that what's listed is still relevant.
Sub committees - What are they and how can you contribute?
These have been formed around the 7 keys areas that we will be focussing on this year. They are:
Lease Agreement - focussing on locking in an extension on our current lease agreement with WIAL
Aircraft Review - focussing on reviewing our current training fleet requirements and the options that are available to us
Health & Safety - ensuring that WAC complies with current H&S legislation and integrates this into the day-to-day environment of the club.
Advertising & Marketing - responsible for promoting the club in new or improved ways
Refurb & Property - continue to progress the current refurb and property work we have been undertaking
Relationship maintenance - maintain relationships with aircraft owners
Simulator - manage the implementation and trial of an IFR simulator

Flying NZ and Membership Cards
In case you didn't know, we are a member of The Royal New Zealand Aero Club, otherwise known as Flying NZ. Flying NZ offers a range of services to aero clubs which you can read more about below.
As part of our membership we receive membership cards, which have now arrived, so the next time you're at the club remember to ask one of the instructors for yours.

The card offers the following benefits:
  • Reciprocal rights when visiting other aero clubs - member prices on aircraft, use of club facilities, tea, coffee, access to computers, weather and advice from instructing staff or members.
  • 10% off online bookings with Asure Motels (NZ wide)
Flying NZ also run annual competitions around the country. These competitions are divided into regional areas, we are part of the Cook Strait Region, which consists of Kapiti Districts Aero Club, Hawkes Bay & East Aero Club, Wanganui Aero Club, Dannevirke Flying Club and Manawatu Aero Club. The top finishers in each competition then have the opportunity to compete at the Nationals. Jared, as your Club Captain, has already started gearing up for this with a practice day to be held in Masterton on September 25th.
Renovations and refurbishment have been underway over the last few months and what has been done so far has made a huge improvement to the presentation of the club. I'd especially like to say a huge thank you to our instructing team who have done most of the hard work, taking advantage of bad weather days and breaks in between flying to clean, sand and paint walls, doors and skirting boards. Also thanks to Peter Galuszka for being our resident electrician and wiring things up for us at mates rates!

What have we done?
After the removal of the portacoms in March we put the front room to better use and transformed this into an inviting front office area. The walls have had a freshen up throughout the building, with a coloured feature wall in each area - see Simsy if you would like some interior design advice for your home :) We have created a new office space for Simsy so he can lock himself away to complete the all too necessary administration tasks, but at the same time keep an eye on things happening in the hangar, be wary though as we have also put tinting on the windows, you can see out but not in…..

The kitchen has been completely ripped out and refreshed, this will present a much better image considering this is the main thoroughfare for members and potential members. We are putting the finishing touches on that now, it should be finished in the next week or so.

Next on the list will be tidying up the carpark area, creating an outdoor space (aka the garden bar) and looking at how we can best use the upstairs space. The airport company have made progress on the fire escape stairs, so once these are complete we will be able to utilise the upstairs area. We have already made a start towards using this space by creating internal access from the kitchen. Initial thoughts of how we might use this space are: a social area with a small kitchen - aka a bar :) and another briefing room or two.... If you have any great ideas please feel free to share them with us.
Health & Safety
Health & Safety has been in the spotlight lately with the revised Work Act that came into force in April 2016, this is a topic at every exec and staff meeting and with the environment we are operating in has alway been something we have taken seriously. In recent months we have begun undertaking an in-depth review of our current H&S manual and risk register to ensure the safety of staff, members and visitors is met.

Lease agreement
We have had initial discussions with the airport company regarding the extension of our current lease term which ends in October 2017 and have been informed verbally that they see no issue with our lease being extended, however we are working towards having a signed agreement in place. Unfortunately we are not at the top of the food chain and with the current works going on at the airport this process is taking longer than we would have liked but we are actively following this up.

Aircraft review
As mentioned at the AGM the lease on the current training fleet (3x Tomahawks, C172 and PA28) ends in October 2017. We saw this as an opportunity to review the current fleet, identify the requirements we as a club have and assess whether the current make-up of the fleet meets member requirements. The aircraft review sub-committee will be looking at this further over the coming months and will keep you updated on progress.

I think that's enough for one blog! If you want more information on anything mentioned above, or something I may not have mentioned, please feel free to contact me anytime at president@flywellington.co.nz or have a chat next time you see me at the club.

- Amy


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