Trial Flights — Your introduction to flying

What are trial flights?

Trial flights are a wonderful introduction to flying. They make great gifts, to yourself or someone you know who's itching to take to the skies and take the controls of a light aircraft!

You fly with an experienced flight instructor who will be able to answer any questions you may have while you're enjoying a bird's eye view of Wellington.

What do I need for a trial flight?

  • Your voucher (You can purchase or give one below)
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera

Harbour Circuit - 20 minutes, $179

This is the perfect introduction to flying. Take off from Wellington International Airport and take control of the aircraft over stunning Wellington harbour for 20 minutes then back in to land.

City Limits - 40 minutes, $249

Experience the thrill of flying in and around Wellington. You will take control of the aircraft over the massive Makara windmills, around the south coast or up the Hutt Valley?

Ready for the next flight?

OK, so your trial flight was pretty great… What’s next? Wellington Aero Club’s FAQ will help you get to that next landing…

How often should I fly?

We recommend you fly at least every two weeks. There are some phases of training where it will benefit you to fly more frequently and also less frequently, but every two weeks is generally about right.

You can tailor your training to your schedule and goals.

Are there any medical restrictions?

In order to hold a PPL you will need to pass a Class 2 aviation medical. If you have any medical conditions that you think might impact your ability to fly, talk to us about it.

How much does it cost?

Aircraft are charged out on an hourly rate and you only pay for the time when the engine is running. For all dual flights there is a fee for the instructor as well as landing and airways charges for all flight

How long does it take to get a PPL?

If you flew every day, you'd have your licence in 3 months. Most people schedule their flying around their life, and usually take a year or so. How fast you do it is up to you.

Are there exams?

Yes. There are 6 exams - radio, weather, aircraft technical knowledge, navigation, human factors and law. And a flight test to get your licence.

These exams and flight tests are administered by ASL.

Can I fly if I wear glasses?

That's fine! As long as your vision is corrected and you can pass a Class 2 aviation medical you're able to fly solo and hold a PPL.

If you have any other medical conditions that you think might impact your ability to fly, talk to us about it.

What can I do with a PPL?

You can take your friends and family flying around the country! You're not allowed to charge passengers, but they can contribute to the cost of hiring the aircraft. You're not able to fly 'for hire or reward' - you need a Commercial licence for that.

Continue your training…

Perhaps you already know that you want to get your license, maybe you want to consider a career in the airlines or commercial aviation in general…

We have you covered, Wellington Aero Club offers you training options that cover recreational aviation to courses that allow you to obtain your own training credentials.

Further your journey here…

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)


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