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Private Pilot Licence

What is a PPL?

If you want to fly for fun, this is for you! A Private Pilot’s licence allows you to take yourself, your friends and family flying around the country!

How do I get my PPL?

You must be 16 to fly solo, and 17 to get a PPL

You need to have a Class 2 aviation medical certificate to fly solo and hold a PPL. As long as you are in good health, this should be no problem.

Flight time
You must complete at least 50 hours total flight time of which:

  • 15 hours must be dual instruction
  • 15 hours must be solo flight time
  • 5 hours must be instrument flight time
  • 10 hours cross-country navigation training
  • 5 hours dual instruction in Terrain and Weather Awareness

Once you are ready you must pass a flight test which will include all normal and emergency flight manoeuvres. This will also include a test on your ability to comply with Air Traffic Services practices and procedures.


  • Radio – learning phrases pilots use to make clear communication calls
  • Human Factors – health, stress, judgement and decision-making
  • Meteorology – cloud formations, NZ's weather patterns, different weather conditions affecting aircraft performance, interpreting aviation weather reports
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge – aerodynamics, engines, electrical systems, your flight instruments and aircraft weight & balance
  • Navigation – using aeronautical maps, compass, calculating flight time and fuel
  • Law – Civil Aviation Rules and Regulations

These exams are multi-choice and require a 70% pass rate.

Ready for the next step?

To open up your career pathways as a pilot in aviation, the next step after your Private Pilot License it the Commercial Pilot License. Find our more here…

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