Since 1929

We've been teaching Wellingtonians to fly for a while now.

In fact, our Club used Rongotai airfield when it was just a big grassy paddock, well before it became the international airport we know today.

We are a community based organisation who offer memberships to our club and its facilities.
This means that our members pay an annual subscription, that help support the club while also giving them member benefits.

Our instructing team are supported by a volunteer committee. Together with our members, it means we've got a great aviation community in our nation's capital.

Piper Tomahawk ZK-TAW flies off the Mākara coastline

Piper Tomahawk ZK-TAW flies off the Mākara coastline

Cessna 172 ZK-EKE flies on the wingtip over the Southern Wairarapa

Cessna 172 ZK-EKE flies on the wingtip over the Southern Wairarapa

Our Aircraft

The club owns 4 aircraft and leases several others in addition to being able to access many other types in the region… and if you’re looking for a type rating, or an experience, in something else, we can at least advise you who to approach.

Our training fleet includes…

  • PA38 Piper Tomahawk
  • PA28 Piper Cherokee
  • C172 Cessna Skyhawk

Find out more about the fleet and the other aircraft that can be found in our hangar…

Why fly at Wellington?

Wellington offers a wide variety of conditions to train in, giving you the experience and confidence to fly anywhere in the country. Many people say that if you can fly in and out of Wellington you can fly anywhere!

Flying from an international airport means we operate in controlled airspace, giving you experience talking to air traffic controllers and operating amongst commercial aircraft. However a benefit of being in Wellington means we are only a short flight away from many other fantastic airfields for training, including Paraparaumu, Omaka (Blenheim) and Masterton which each offer training in uncontrolled airspace.

We have an excellent team of 4 full time instructors who offer professional flight training from ab-initio right through to a commercial licence.  We will tailor your flight training programme around your specific goals and needs to help you achieve your licence as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions

The fine print governing our operations can be downloaded here:


Below is a copy of the WAC Constitution which governs the running of the club. This was last updated in 2022.

Just Culture and SMS

Here's the process we follow to investigate incidents so others can learn from them.

We are a Zero Carbon Business Operation

Wellington Aero Club is proud to be certified Zero Carbon Business Operations with Ekos. We have measured and offset the carbon footprint of our business operations for the 2023 financial year with certified carbon credits. This footprint includes our flying, business and support operations.

Find out more about Wellington Aero Club’s Zero Carbon initiative »

We’re pretty social




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