Advanced Training

In addition to our core training covering the PPL and CPL syllabus, we also offer the following training and services…

In-house Flight Testing

We have an in-house flight examiner who can offer testing for the following:

  • PPL — $695
  • Instructor Endorsements — $695
  • Aero Renewals — $494.50
  • C/B Cat Renewals — $695
  • Instrument Rating Continued Competency — $760
  • Instrument Rating Additional Privileges ILS, GPS — $760
  • Instrument Rating Continued Competency plus Remove Limitation — $910

All flight tests conducted under Flight Test New Zealand Part 141 certification.

Further Training

  • C-Cat training - we have two B-Cat instructors available to offer an individually tailored C-Cat training course covering both theory and practical components.
  • Basic strip flying - we offer an introduction to strip flying into some of the many strips that are within 30 minutes flying time of Wellington.
  • Wellington area famil - If you are new to Wellington or to controlled airspace fly with an instructor and become familiar with the airspace and air traffic controllers
  • Casual instruction - we offer casual dual instruction for pilots wishing to complete a Biennial Flight Review, Type Rating or ad-hoc instruction.  We also offer flight instruction for pilots or students with their own aircraft. Our fee for all ground / flight training is $90 per hour.

Visiting pilots/overseas conversions

If you are visiting from overseas and would like to hire an aircraft our instructors can accompany you or we can also help you complete a foreign licence validation. Just give us a call.

Dual flights - our qualified NZ instructors can accompany you on any scenic flights or cross country flights you may want to do while in NZ, assisting you and teach you about operating amongst NZ terrain and airspace.

Alternatively, we can offer you a foreign licence validation. Some of the key points to note:

  • Valid for a maximum of 6 months
  • Requires terrain awareness/mountain flying experience to PPL level (this is a requirement of the NZ flight training syllabus)
  • Requires a flight test with an A or B category flight instructor in an aircraft that you already hold a type rating in
  • You will need copies of your overseas licence, medical, logbook pages providing evidence of type of aircraft flown, evidence of terrain awareness/mountain flying experience to PPL level
  • Evidence of Aviation Language Proficiency to Level 4

Visit the CAA for more background information on Recognising foreign pilot licences in NZ.

Terrain Awareness / Mountain Flying

We have instructors qualified to provide terrain awareness and mountain flying training, which is a requirement for a PPL or CPL licence.

With the Orongoronga Range only a few minutes flying away and one of the largest low flying areas in the country, we offer a great range of areas to complete your terrain awareness and mountain flying.


Although our simulator is not currently certified and cannot be used for the purpose of logging hours towards requirements for an instrument rating, our IFR simulator can be used introduce and practice the following:

  • Introduction of instrument ratings
  • Ongoing practice that may contribute towards instrument rating competency
  • Introduction and practice of NDB and VOR ILS/LLZ approaches
  • Cross country and associated approaches for continued practice to complement work towards an instrument rating
  • The simulator includes the additional aid GNS430/530 by Garmin which can be used to practice RNAV, VOR, ILS, DME and ADF 

If you want further details or pricing information contact us

Ground Courses

We offer a range of ground courses.  For more information about our schedule contact us.


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