What's up at the Club

News from your new Club Captain

We've got some cool stuff planned for our members over the next few months, hopefully there's something for everyone and we'll be seeing a bit more of you all.
One date you really need to lock in now is Friday 4 December for our Christmas party and end of year prizegiving. Always a laugh!

Our events calendar has a flyaway scheduled almost every month until April 2016, you can check out the plan here. Of course, if there's something missing from the list that you really want to do, just let us know and we can arrange it no probs at all!

On the first Sunday of each month we all get together and have a pint down at the Spruce Goose. It's a great opportunity to share stories and meet other club members. In fact, we're working with a couple of other Clubs and organisations locally so hope to have some news to share about that very soon (read: possible cheaper beer, different people to mingle with, and a better atmosphere for all!).

We're also working on a few pilot information evenings coming up including a trip out to the Rescue co-ordination centre which will be cool as you'll be able to find out what happens behind the scenes if an aircraft goes missing. Rochelle and Amy have offered up a trip to Metservice, and we're trying to bribe a couple of guys to come in and run a ditching session with us (red wine will be the winner on the day).

As always, thanks for reading, sing out if you need anything and safe flying.

~ Bronnie


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