Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Aviation Museum

If you're ever in Hawaii, it's worth the visit.

We all know the story of how the Japanese caught the US off guard at Pearl Habor in 1941. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the historic site, do, it's well worth the time.

I went just last week and although I'm not particularly a war buff, it was educational and enjoyable.

The Yanks know how to tell a good story and are very proud of their history. Pearl Harbor is a slick set up, you can pre-book online a spot for the USS Arizona which involves a short boat ride out to the sunken vessel.
The Pacific Aviation Museum and the battleship Missouri are a short bus ride away. You can join a tour of the ship which gives a great history of how the ship has been used in it's 40 years in service.
Here's a link to the Pearl Harbor website.

The aviation museum had an interesting array of static displayed aircraft in two separate locations a short walking distance apart. Anything from Harvards to F14s and an active workshop restoring aircraft to hopefully fly again soon. They also had a great exhibit on women in aviation, from Amelia Earhart to all of the female wartime pilots - including a list of those who were killed and the reason they crashed.

I was more interested at looking at the bullet holes in the hangar windows, apparently from that December day over 60 years ago.

Visit Hawaii, it's about a 9 hour flight direct Auckland - Honolulu. You'll love it.

~ Bronnie


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