Club Captain Update

There continues to be a great vibe around the club, with quite a buzz on busy flying days! An increasing number of members stick around for a chat after their flight or for a drink at the end of the day on the weekends, which is fantastic to see.

The start of the year has seen one out of the two planned club trips go ahead:

Day trip to Masterton
We had a successful club trip to Masterton in February. Four club aircraft headed up along with the C206, which meant a total of 8 members and 4 instructors. This was a great turnout and all those who went along had a fantastic time and greatly benefitted from their time up at Masterton, hammering out numerous circuits! Some good experience was gained coming back over the Rimutaka's at the end of the day as the wind picked up making for a bumpy ride home but I believe everyone still had smiles on their faces :)

Kaikoura Overnight
Unfortunately bad weather put a halt to the planned overnight trip to Kaikoura to help the local aero cub there fundraise for a new hanger, much to the disappointment of members who were planning on heading down.

Pilot Information Evenings
What does Airport 1 do when they drive up and down the runway? What are the controllers seeing up there in the tower?

One of our goals this year is to run regular Pilot Information Evenings for our members, the aim is to provide you all with an opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions on a range of areas in aviation that either affect you or would be of interest to you. Following on from one held last year we are arranging another, unfortunately a last minute cancellation from one of our speakers has meant we have had to reschedule from the original planned date. We will let you know as soon as we have a new date confirmed!

For our first talk we have decided to focus on 'Airport Co-operation' and have managed to line up two guest speakers to come along. Phil from Wellington Airport Operations and a controller from Wellington Tower. They will each talk to us about their roles and responsibilities and how we can work together to make each other's lives easier!

There will also be plenty of time for questions, so if you have a burning question or two about airport operations or tower operations, now is your chance!

Overnight Trip to Lake Station
The overnight trip to Lake Station in Nelson Lakes on Sat 16th - Sun 17th May is fully booked! It's great to see so many people keen to coming along on these trips.

This trip will provide members with a great opportunity for some cross country flying, circuits when you get there and some mountain flying, all rolled into one!

We will stay at one of the lodges down there and enjoy the local hospitality for an evening. If you missed out this time, make sure you get in quicker next time!

We will be planning the next club trip shortly, so if you have somewhere specific you want to go, whether this is a day trip or an overnight, please let me know!

- Amy


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