AvKiwi safety seminar - 26 June

Each year the CAA run a safety seminar road show called AvKiwi. This year they are presenting all around the country on weather, here's the brief they've given:

"Weather can be a puzzle - you've got all the pieces, but how do you fit them together to create the right picture?
Accident investigations suggest that pilots who had weather related accidents didn't understand the weather.
This year's seminar can help you navigate your way through the mass of information out there.
You'll also hear of some close encounters of the weather kind from pilots who lived to tell the tale.
At the seminar, you'll get early access to our free apps and new online course, plus learn how to fit the pieces of weather information together.
AvKiwi safety seminars are FREE to attend."

Visit the CAA AvKiwi website here.

The AvKiwis start in Nelson on May 4, and move around until the last seminar in Wellington on Friday 26 June, 7pm at the CAA in the Asteron Building, Level 15, 55 Featherston Street, Wellington.

These sessions are always a valuable time to get new information directly from the regulator, and to ask questions from them about almost any thing that's on your mind. Plus, they usually put on some sausage rolls and give you a snazzy sticker for your logbook!
No need to register, just head along. See ya there :-)

~ Bronnie


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