PIREP - Pilot reports

Use the knowledge of others to help make better decisions

Imagine: You're down at the Club on a busy Saturday. The weather is CAVOK but the wind is forecast to pick up around the time of your flight (typical Wellington!). You've done your pre-flight walk around, documentation, planned where you'll be flying and are pretty much ready to go.

As you're in the hangar on your way out to the aircraft, a fellow Club member comes in from his flight.

Nodding politely to him is one way you could go, but that's simply not how we roll at the Wellington Aero Club. Chances are you've met the guy at our monthly drinks so get chatting - not just about your favourite beverage, but about his flight - where he went, what he thought of the weather conditions and if anything fun was happening in the airspace.

Talking to fellow pilots and getting a PIREP from them is a valuable means of broadening your aviation knowledge. It helps gain perspective and also aids in understanding your limitations.

Another hot tip - when you're visiting a different airfield, approach one of the instructors on the ground there, introduce yourself and see if there's any local knowledge you can absorb from them. Our instructors are always giving advice to pilots passing through - the more information you share, the better prepared everyone can be.

~ Bronnie


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