Club trips and flyaways

We have them every month - join us next time!

Our Club is a community of people who just love aviation. The committee, via the Club Captain, organise regular club trips and flyaways for our members.

They are a great chance to get together with fellow aviators and head somewhere for the day or weekend.

The photo above is of when we flew over to Omaka for a club day with the Marlborough Aero Club - it was beautiful and the hospitality we receive from MAC is always friendly with a pinch of competitiveness.

This year, we have flyaways scheduled every month, you can find the schedule here.

How it works:
  • An email will go out to members asking for interest in a particular flyaway a couple of weeks out
  • Members register their interest, aircraft type, if they're happy to be PIC or pax
  • The club captain and instructors allocate aircraft and PIC/pax listings and let you know
  • We all pray for good weather
  • We fly!
One of the many advantages of coming along on flyaways is the reduced cost of being PIC. If you are a passenger, you contribute to the PIC's cost of the flight.
Other advantages include:
  • Situational awareness
  • Meeting fellow club members
  • Get to fly to new places
  • Experience at different airfields (get to practise non-Wellington landings!)
  • As a student you get to see what you'd be able to do once you get your license
  • You can do lessons along the way
Not to mention, they're loads of fun!

We'd love to have you along at our next flyaway. Talk to your instructor about them next time you're flying - you'll see their eyes light up!



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