Facebook Giveaway - Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Wellington Aero Club Facebook giveaway, starting 7pm 15/03/2018, ending 12pm 30/03/2018. Prize will be drawn 5pm on the 30/03/2018. The winner will be notified via Facebook messenger and announced on the Wellington Aero Club Facebook page no later than 7pm on the 31/03/2018. 

This giveaway consists of a 40 minute trial flight and 30 minute pre-flight briefing for the winner and 'ride-along' for the nominated (Facebook tagged) passenger. 

The entry must consist of a Facebook 'page like', 'competition post share' and 'tagging of nominated passenger'. Multiple entries are allowed and counted per friend tag.

This is non-transferable for both winner and nominated (Facebook tagged) passenger. 

The winner will have 3 months to book their flight. If the flight is cancelled due to weather or any other circumstance outside of the control of Wellington Aero Club, the flight can be re-booked provided it is in a reasonable time frame.

This competition is not open to Wellington Aero Club members, it's affiliates or anyone with over 10 hours flight experience. 

The winner and nominated passenger will agree to participate in promotional activity.

The winner must be at least 16 years of age or older. Both the winner and nominated passenger must be physically and mentally fit to enter an aircraft.

NZ Civil Aviation rules apply and will be strictly adhered to. The Wellington Aero Club reserves the right to cancel the flight at anytime if deemed legally applicable or in the interest of safety.


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