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Summer is officially here and it's off to a great start! Unfortunately the spring weather was not kind to us, but that's all in the past, so here's hoping the summer weather we have been treated to over the last few days sticks around and gives us some beautiful flying days.

In saying that we haven't been completely idle, while we haven't been flying, we have been partying up a storm at the Annual Prizegiving and Christmas party which was held a couple of weeks back. We had a fantastic turnout and everyone had a great time! The Sea Scouts put on another top notch meal - thyme infused roasted chicken, ham and a range of delicious salads to choose from! We had a great talk from our guest speak, Mark Woodhouse and some well deserving members were presented with trophies to take home for the mantle-piece.
The delicious selection of food!

The delicious selection of food!
Mark Woodhouse giving his entertaining talk

Mark Woodhouse giving his entertaining talk
2016 Trophy winners
Goodwin Cup

Most improved student

Matt Buckland


Female Pilot of the Year

Monique Hogervorst

Stellin Cup

Male Pilot of the Year

Lawrence Field

CFI Award

Most dedicated student

Xingtao Liu

Dennis Tindill Memorial Shield
Services to the Club

Andrew Braddick
D A Ewan Cup

Junior Landing

Xingtao Liu

Lloyd Cup

Senior Landing

Lawrence Field

Sir Francis Boys Cup

Precision Circuits & Spot Landing

Matt Buckland

Tony Howard Predential Trophy

Student Overhead Rejoin & Flight Manoeuvres

Paddy Payne

Gardiner Trophy


Rhys Brown

Jean Batten Memorial Trophy

Ladies Preflight & Circuits

Monique Hogervorst

C.C Waite Cup


Rodney Maas

Instrument Flying Mug

Full Panel Instrument Flying

David Costello

E.W Mac

Marcus Aerobatic Trophy

Simon Holdsworth

Navigation Trophy

Senior Navigation

Peter MacLeod

Congratulations everyone!

If you won a trophy and weren't at the Christmas party to collect it, pop into the club and pick it up. If you didn't win one don't be disappointed, there is always next year to get involved and snatch one up! :)
The Exec have been working on a number of things over the last few months, here's a summary of the key areas of focus:

We have been in correspondence with Wellington Airport company (WIAL) and have received a draft variation to our current lease. This will be extended, however we are currently clarifying some of the detail outlined in the document and are awaiting a response from WIAL. This is unlikely to be finalised until the New Year.

There have been a few delays getting the flooring down in the kitchen but we are aiming to have this done before Christmas! Aside from a few minor tidy-ups this will pretty much complete the kitchen. The next action on our refurb plan is to look at how we will utilise the space upstairs. We will also be holding a working bee in the New Year to add some of the finishing touches to the interior which will involve painting things like window sills and skirting boards, tidying up outside and making a start on building a deck.

Advertising and Marketing
Our flyers have had a refresh! The design is a crisp and modern looking flyer, check out the pics below - although they don't really do it justice, the colour looks much better in person! Thanks to Hayley Sims (Simsy's wife) for designing these for us :) Next up we will be re-designing our gift vouchers to fit with the same theme.

As part of our Christmas marketing campaign members and instructors have been out roaming the streets dropping the flyers into letterboxes. A big thanks to everyone who is helping out with this. If you're keen to drop some off around your neighbourhood let the instructing team know and pick some up next time you're at the aero club.
We have a new billboard going up at the front gate. We are keeping things simple here as the main purpose is to tell people that we are here! Keep you eyes peeled for this in the next couple of weeks.

Our Health and Safety Manual has been reviewed and updated, this ensures all processes and procedures align with the current standards. Once finalised this will be circulated amongst the membership as this is something that we all need to take responsibility for.

Aircraft fleet review
As mentioned previously we have undergone a review of the requirements for our training fleet. We are investigating the possibility of purchasing aircraft and have had a meeting with the aircraft owners of the current training fleet to discuss this. A proposal will be presented to us in the coming weeks. We will keep you all informed on how this proceeds.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at president@flywellington.co.nz or next time you see me at the club.

I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

on behalf of the Exec Committee


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