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Hello members,

We've have a pretty rough run with weather recently and although it's the norm for flying to taper off a bit this time of year, we've still managed to keep ourselves busy.

Those of you who have been in recently would have noticed the club rooms taking a transformation into something much more presentable, and sometimes unpresentable as construction work takes place! It's amazing what a lick of paint can do to these old buildings and the lads have put in an impressive job working to get the bottom floor something that we can settle into for the long term. We're hoping to have the bottom floor finished by the end of August and if you're floating around in the weekends with a bit of spare time up your sleeve, feel feel to come in and give us a hand!
Kitchen under construction

Kitchen under construction
Kitchen under construction

Kitchen under construction
We've had a recent growth of PPL's over the last year and it's great to see the accomplishments everyone has made. Typically during your PPL training you always have the next step to look forward to; First Solo, Solo Consolidation, Advanced Training, Cross country etc. But once you have your PPL, what is the next step for you to look forward to then? The beauty of this is now your training (and a pilot is always training!), is up to you and no longer dictated by a syllabus. There's always something to achieve in aviation, here are a few examples:

  • Aircraft ratings of various sorts (C172, Pa28, Nanchang, Tail Dragger)
  • Night rating (including night cross countries)
  • Aerobatics rating
  • Strip flying
  • Flying competitions
  • Mountain Flying
  • Instrument rating
  • Multi Engine rating
  • Glider flying

With a few hours of flying under your belt, you can also work yourself up to having the hours for a commercial pilots licence - the best part being you can have fun along the way doing it! Keep in mind that there are always opportunities outside the club, and as much as we love having you fly with us, there are some really exciting options with affiliated clubs and organisations. Our main goal is to make sure you, as the member, enjoy your experience in aviation. It doesn't stop at your PPL and there's always a new challenge. Feel free to come have a chat with me if there's something that tickles your fancy or if you would like some ideas.
I also mentioned above that Club Competitions are a good way to further your experience in aviation. These are not just limited to PPL holders. Infact, student pilots up to commercial can all participate. In my opinion, it's not just about competing, it's about challenging yourself in your own ability and meeting new people in the industry to share your ideas and experiences. The next regional rally is coming up on the 5th of November at Kapiti and I personally would love to see a strong Wellington presence. We haven't been so good in the past with attending these events, but being so close I feel that we can really make a good effort to attend, you can even drive up if you have to! We will also be having a day trip to Masterton in September so we can practice for some of these competitions, so it's the perfect time to give it a go! For more information on what the competitions are and what is involved, visit: http://www.flyingnz.co.nz/competitions.html or feel free to have a chat to one of our friendly staff members at the club.

With Winter coming to an end I've got a good feeling we have a fun filled Spring and Summer ahead of us. We'll shortly be rolling out the fly away schedule for the coming season, so watch this space. Otherwise, if you're floating about, feel free to stop by for a coffee and safe flying!

- Simsy


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